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Obituary for Cheryl Lynn Simons

Cheryl Simons passed the evening of December 29 at the age of 66. After long battles with illness, she has finally come to rest, passing in her home surrounded by her husband and children.

Cheryl was best known for her loving, generous nature; strong faith; and stubborn personality. She was born in June 1953 to Robert and Irine. As her father was a Baptist minister, she and her siblings, Robert Jr and Joyce, moved around Michigan and Ohio a lot. From Michigan, she moved to Illinois where she attended Wheaton University, then later made cross country jumps to California and Georgia following a successful sales career. Along the way,she would continue to make friends.

In California, she became a second mother to her niece Wendy and nephew George. In Georgia, she would again be a second mother to her stepson Peter when she married the love of her life and faithful companion John. Not long after marked the arrival of her first child, John Robert. A few years after the family relocated to Michigan, she gave birth to her second child Rachel.

However, Cheryl's health would begin to decline shortly after the passing of her mother;it would continue to do so for two decades. Nevertheless, she fought strong and would never let the spirit of family and friendship burn out. She would continue to add many friends and three grandchildren into her heart of gold.

Her heart of gold became too heavy this past holiday after prematurely asking to leave the hospital to finish the remainder of her holiday with her family. She came to rest a few days later.

Though she will be missed dearly, Cheryl will not be forgotten by those whose hearts she touched.

There will be a memorial open house for Cheryl at Fifth Reformed Church on January 23, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.